Sudden goodbye

By Rosalva Ruiz (SuperNova)

I guess…
When it comes to the sudden goodbyes
It’s not the goodbye
but the regrets
That come along with it
And pierce my peaceful mind.

Like the dreams
That are forever gone
From the cub in transition.
Like the heroic moment
that stabs you from behind.
The life saved from the fallen
From the unwanted
from the feared
From the egoistic and uncivilized
Exchanged with the bullet taken
By your mind literally and consciously.

Like the understanding
Of people standing
Frozen in fear.
Yet why?
Why did you move?..
Why is it that the heroes
Always die?
Why is it that the brave
The caring
The explosive compassion
Is always extinguished first?

Chained in bed…
That is…
Another part of my regret.
Your last goodbye
A parade with a serenade.
People following
They sang along
They walked with you
And others were waiting ahead.
Some just watching
And not knowing
Others with a hand
In their heart
For bravery is in front
Passing in silence
With “Un día a la vez”
And us with a knot
In our throat.

This was the last goodbye…
I wasn’t there
That alone…

Hilos de Plata

Hilos de plata
Pilar de la casa
Se extraña tu magia
Que ilumina nuestra alma.

Veloz en tus palabras
Mas sereno
como una montaña.

Un libro perdido
lleno de historias
De misterio y justicia
Romance, comedia y aventura
Y todas entrelazadas
Con sentimientos en tus palabras.

Se extrañan tus consejos
Alimentados de experiencias
Por causas y efectos.

Tengo grabadas
Tus muecas y alientos
Tus pasos despacios
Mas firmes en cada momento.

Y aun en sueños
Mis hijos pequeños
Te siguen cantando
“Tito, tito capotito
Sube al cielo
Y pega un grito…”