By Rosalva Ruiz SuperNova

There is a legend
That only a few know
About this mysterious woman
Who’s face is still unknown
Yet her feats
Are recorded
In the Odd family scroll. 

A chivera from la frontera
Who passed from electronics
And some other tonteras. 

The one and only wedding aide
Who didn’t give access
To this celebrity fave
For the simple reason
That Fito Olivares was not written
In that page
Of course
Who would have known
That Rodolfo Olivares
Was his real name
A VIP guest
At least
that’s what’s written there. 

And well the list goes on
Array with beats
And souls that begin to flow.
That was her last job as such
That is for sure. 

Now let’s not forget
Of the many recorded
Falls from filming
“The one in a lifetime events”
Such as the time of that wedding
Where the bride’s arm
Suddenly arose
Trying to hold
something in the air
Their lips
As well as their eyes
Saying “Oh no!”
Then a white ceiling
Of the church
Came into view… 

This other time
Where instead of a white ceiling
It was the face of Jesus
With his arms wide open
Kind of saying pobrecita
Ahi va de nuevo otra caida… 

Fret not
That gave her the best idea
Pictures taken from the floor
She’s got quite a few
Of those.
The kiss in the air
From the groom and his bride
The funny faces from friends
And quinceañeras
Enjoying their time. 

The groom leaning
The dazed eyes
Anticipating a love song
And the fallen bow
Giving the perfect
Memory for years to come. 

While in the cloud
Makes one remember
That this woman
Is a dragoness in disguise
When the time comes by.
A whisperer of love
When the need is more.
A clown in the cloud
When the kids are around.
And last but not least
A cast speller
In an invisible town
When she holds
Her feathered pen
And writes in the air.

Eli, Paco and Seb

Seb, my 3-year-old
was playing with his books
Not reading them
But throwing
Smashing things with them
I had to stop him.

I told him
Books are not balls
Books are not toys
They are a path
For you to walk on
To learn new things
To discover magic places
To reach the stars
Without wearing an astronaut suit.

To my surprise
Later that day
He made a path alright
With all his books!!
He had such an angelic smile
I couldn’t argue
I lost this one…

Hurricane (memories)

Galileo Galilei what a great name
But the one I must talk today
Is about the Galileo huracane.

We were shut at our house
And our visitors were refugees
My little kitty left for the day
And crying I was there
My old other kitty
A lady to the top
With purring and caresing
All the way to my nose
Took away my sadness
And we waited for our furry friend.
The wind, rain and thunder
Gave me a scare
However, with this little lady
My day went flying away.

After the doom was past
Drapped to the soles
While miawing with all its lungs
The little kitty came back to my door.
So lady and I as well ran to the door
To welcome our little wet furry friend
With all our love.

Our friends left for the day
To find their houses
Demolished by the hurricane.
Family and friends
Together gave a hand
To build up a house
After this great tempestad.

Once again love prevails
Our friends without a house
Are now with one
That’s when one sees
The humble and greatness in people.

During devastation
We always get together
And once again
The sun comes out of desperation.

Till life exists

A broken soul that’s how I used to live
It didn’t matter, day or night
as long as I was left with him,
They weren’t safe, my body and soul
Threats, fears and anxiety became my daily bread
A fake smile became my hiding place
And envy towards the innocent
Became the core of my gloomy self
When I finally thought a hero came to my rescue
A big fat slap became my initiation
25 minutes of nintendo was my worth
at least that’s what they said
Don’t even remember the names or their faces
Since I was only 8 years old
Shattered was my heart and soul
I hated being a woman in this insane world
Violation of my self and rights
Mitigation of my dreadful life
Scars within and bruises in hidden places
Were part of the don’t talk, don’t scream, don’t move, don’t cry, don’t bite, don’t close and don’t hit
All the don’ts in the world
Came chasing me whole
While my mind was going away
I swore to myself to never forget
Life still exists after this dreaded fix
And when that day comes,
This shrewd people shall cease to exist
At least in my life…

White Dragon

Ice cold madness swirls in the air
As the white dragon soars at the tip of the world
There is a smell of rotten anxiety in my lair
We take our turns to bring the weekly supplies,
my comrade and I.

The little ones have no choice but to stay inside
While bubbles, mazes and puzzles keep them absorbed 
Alertness, psychosis and uncertainty
maintain us preoccupied.

Today, its fist attacked a member of our turf, 
Terrified, our leader ordered us
to be in confinement for the night
We’re vulnerable against this stealth assassin.

It’s been soaring for months
Grabbing the elderly, middle-aged and youngster leaving only droplets of poisonous blood behind.

“Mommy,” I heard my boy’s trembling voice, “I’m scared, is tita safe?”
“Of course she is,” i said without thought.
Separated we are, a boundary keeps us apart. 
Only by voice and video can we interact.
Is she really ok? I can not say.
And I’m afraid that scars will not heal
In my son’s beliefs

In the meantime, the day has come down to earth,
the night has got us at bay.
Still, let’s have faith that this dragon
Appease his rage
And become dormant again.

Who am I?

I like to call myself SuperNova. The reason is simple, my wish is to make people stop and reflect on what they know, what they wish to know and what they want to become.

A supernova is the big blast before extinguishing giving the energy and what is needed to have a new beginning. That is my wish for you and for me as well. To end the past, and to start your new you.

Let’s not forget, we are students until the day we graduate from this world; hence, let’s keep on learning.

  • There will be two sections of fantasy/fiction novels.
  • and last but not least a poetry section.

Just a heads up, my life has been a bit different than other people, I decided to pour my heart and soul, my deepest secrets as well as my deepest sorrows. Life is not just about the sadness but also about the joy and teachings from those experiences. I was once lost, but now I’ve found myself…

  • Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal? Well, let’s just say that I been keeping it inside for quite a while, and I believe there are other people who also need this. They need to know they are not alone. I needed that, more than anything at that time. I needed to know that things like this happen to a lot of people, and also I needed to know that it was not my fault. It was nobody’s fault. It was just something that happened and there is nothing you can do about the past; however, you can mark your present and can plan your future. You might not have had the means in the past, but you can acknowledge it, learn from it and use it as a stepping stone to better your future.