There goes my coffee

One is but seven humble and smart
Sometimes cold and uneven, yet pulls the others around
The four year old comes with a spark
That lightens the room no matter how dark
And the baby on set the smartest of them all
Peace bringer and singer, yet crazy and tall.

My house is their jungle, the sofa their campsite
They march with a puzzle towards the treasure on site
They went under the mountain and into the sea
Leaving puddles and stains all over the place for momma to see.

Beware of big momma she’s decided to hunt
The messy explorers who stepped in her turf
After the yapping and zapping defeated they returned to their site
And decided to gamble it again and try.

And there they were like three generals
Making their plan, to where? To the pantry that’s where
A basket of cookies on top of the shelf
As if they were rookies that were their biggest aim.

Putting his foot on the first seven climbed up to the third
A can of coffee was there and the cookies tambien
Who would have thought that four was on guard,
For mommas in sight and a big scream came outright
As for seven and baby? Startled they got
Baby started crying and momma screamed on the spot.
Seven lost his grip; he then grabbed it and fell
You can imagine my face going insane.

Forget the prose, forget the third person spell
Just take a look, the kid!
No wait! Forget the kid, that other thing!
Aaand, there goes my coffee…

Lucky Charm

My old torn leopard charm
It’s a bit rough to the touch
Yet soft to the sight
And mellow to the heart.

With a smell of ages upon it’s fur
Covered with a smell of gardenias
To my sensitive nose.

Even though it looks like Chester cheetos
The taste is not exactly the same.

It came like fate
When I was by myself
Bringing hope and love to my life.

At least, that’s the premonition I was told
Although I took it more as a joke
A “what if” was my daily hope
And sure enough, I met my other soul.

Sometimes I wonder, was it part of a majestic plan?
Or maybe just a coincidence in my daily life?
Did this almost insignificant thing
Pulled it’s strings?

And when the night comes
And say good night to it,
those eyes and smile assure me
That my little lucky charm did so.

Silencio Inmaduro

Hoy me exasperé,

Lo sabía.

Lo sentí florecer,

Mas no lo supe detener.

La rigidez estenuante.

El estruendo inconsciente

Hacia la persona inocente.

Aunque razones existían,

Aún así, no fué justificable.

Bajé mi guardia pensando que era fuerte,

Más esta inmadurez inexplicable;

Ni tomando las riendas,

He podido domarla

Claro, ahora me estoy ahogando

En los estragos de mi debilidad.

En mis entrañas, perdón te pido.

Más mi ego, justicia en clamor,

Me dejan paralizada sin poder 

Decir palabra. 

Till life exists

A broken soul that’s how I used to live
It didn’t matter, day or night
as long as I was left with him,
They weren’t safe, my body and soul
Threats, fears and anxiety became my daily bread
A fake smile became my hiding place
And envy towards the innocent
Became the core of my gloomy self
When I finally thought a hero came to my rescue
A big fat slap became my initiation
25 minutes of nintendo was my worth
at least that’s what they said
Don’t even remember the names or their faces
Since I was only 8 years old
Shattered was my heart and soul
I hated being a woman in this insane world
Violation of my self and rights
Mitigation of my dreadful life
Scars within and bruises in hidden places
Were part of the don’t talk, don’t scream, don’t move, don’t cry, don’t bite, don’t close and don’t hit
All the don’ts in the world
Came chasing me whole
While my mind was going away
I swore to myself to never forget
Life still exists after this dreaded fix
And when that day comes,
This shrewd people shall cease to exist
At least in my life…

White Dragon

Ice cold madness swirls in the air
As the white dragon soars at the tip of the world
There is a smell of rotten anxiety in my lair
We take our turns to bring the weekly supplies,
my comrade and I.

The little ones have no choice but to stay inside
While bubbles, mazes and puzzles keep them absorbed 
Alertness, psychosis and uncertainty
maintain us preoccupied.

Today, its fist attacked a member of our turf, 
Terrified, our leader ordered us
to be in confinement for the night
We’re vulnerable against this stealth assassin.

It’s been soaring for months
Grabbing the elderly, middle-aged and youngster leaving only droplets of poisonous blood behind.

“Mommy,” I heard my boy’s trembling voice, “I’m scared, is tita safe?”
“Of course she is,” i said without thought.
Separated we are, a boundary keeps us apart. 
Only by voice and video can we interact.
Is she really ok? I can not say.
And I’m afraid that scars will not heal
In my son’s beliefs

In the meantime, the day has come down to earth,
the night has got us at bay.
Still, let’s have faith that this dragon
Appease his rage
And become dormant again.

Y regresamos… Un momento para reflexionar.

Y regresamos a los días del trueque
Donde un kilo de carne vale menos
Que un bote de desinfectante
Donde una docena de huevos pesa más
Que un kilo de frijol y arroz.

Una vez más, regresamos a los tiempos de la peste
Cuando se le dio mas énfasis a la limpieza
Cuando se le daba la vuelta a la persona enferma
Cuando calles desiertas significaban el terror para muchos
Y un rayo de esperanza para otros.

Regresamos a los tiempos de poca cordura
Donde el que tenía la posibilidad, todo lo tenía
Y los que vivimos al día
Nos vemos entre filas esperanzados
A que quede algo en las estanterías.

Regresamos al tiempo donde no existía la medicina
Donde solo por fe tomábamos los brebajes de la abuela; y Dios quiera que sirva.

Regresamos a los tiempos donde se mandaba el amor por carta a larga distancia.
Donde los abrazos y besos
son monitorizados por un termometro al lado.

Regresamos al tiempo donde te arrebataban de tus manos
A tu ser más preciado
Y solo podías rezar que vivo regrese a tu lado.

Genocidio a manos libres
Ya no solo se ha visto en un país
Sino en todos los rincones del mundo

Los hornos queman sin parar
Y cenizas se elevan al azar.
Lluvias obscuras caen sin parar
Del cielo, del pueblo y de las almas
Que nos dejan su ejemplo para reflexionar .

Cumpleaños En Poesía

Esta vida es mi poesía
Aunque lágrimas fueron derramadas entre lineas
Amor, esperanza y alguna que otra zonseada han formado mi prosa poética
Y aunque antes, del que dirán, miedo tenia
Hoy en día, narro mis altas y bajas aunque de espaldas, cualquiera se caería.
Ah, pero no olvidemos que me fascina también la fantasia
Así que escribo una que otra historia de la misma.
Y aunque me fascine el son del danzon
No entiendo sobre versos y sus rimas
Pero eso si, mientras se sienta cantadita
Me llena de alegría
Y aunque solo tenga 1 o 2 lectores por día
Seguiré narrando mi vida y alguno que otro sueño de fantasia.
Por eso mismo y con gran honor
Te doy las gracias porque hoy que es mi día te haz tomado el tiempo de leer mi poesía.

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