Wicked 7

By RRSuperNova

*****     Continuation   *****

Eight years ago
I decided to run away
My father
Gray haired
Hazelnut eyes
Rigorous man
Lord Evans
The lord of the north american vampires
Passed away.

I as his only successor
Became the new lord
In name only.
The real lord was
He was my father’s right hand man
As well as my betrothed.

I was kept in the dark
My dad kept me
as his treasure
That gem
That needs to be untouched
And shiny to wait for the right man
To have the vampire kingdom transaction.

I hated it
There was no love
He was as cold as a stone
He just needed the emblem
To reign the kingdom.
So I left it
Along with a letter.
“The kingdom is yours
Don’t look for me
Since I won’t exist anymore.”

I asked Rose
To change me
To give me a different life.
I just wanted to free myself
From this rigid life
From being a mere figurine
In display to the clan.
This crown was too heavy
To uphold.
And I wanted a child of my own.
We as vampires can only
Give birth if our partner is human.
Of course that was out of the question
With him…

If only I had remembered him
Maybe I would have chosen differently…

Wicked 6

By RRSuperNova

***** Continuation *****

Or a means to his end?
I can’t say anymore…

The cops kept asking
Of him…

“Leia” I heard
With a husky deep voice
Whispered by the wind
Like that moonless night
After our first encounter.

The way he looked at me
Got me excited
I was expecting more
As he approached me.

My heart…
It was in a frenzy state
Yet his eyes
They kept me hypnotized.
Then I felt
Our fingers interlaced
He got closer
“You’re mine” he whispered…

I suddenly woke up
I was sweating
My mind was in a mess.
I desperately wanted him
After only seeing him one day.
I was a mess.

After a few weeks
Of good mornings and good nights
We grew together
Or at least that’s what I believed
I guess
It was just me
Since I was his mere possession
A crown princess for his mere collection…

Wicked 5

By RRSuperNova

***** Continuation *****

I who had no past
I who lived in pure bliss
My naive self
Who did not sense danger.

He who concealed his plan
Behind that beautiful mask.
And I who became a puppet
Moved by the very strings
That he moved as he pleased.

The window shattered
Probably by the heat
Who knows
The sirens were approaching
I looked at Tom
Still on his knees
Feeling the loss of his lord
Yet awaiting for my command.
“Go to the old house and wait.”

Like a shadow
He disappeared
While the fire truck lights
Entered my yard.

They jumped
Started to pump the water
As the cops interrogated me.

That damn fool
I tried my best to get away…

My selfishness
Of running away
From my loved clan
From my own crown
From my past self
By locking away
Even memories of him.

I had just one chance
To lose it all
Yet gain it all.
To be a human girl
And I lost that tonight.

It all came rushing
Hitting me like rocks
Tossed by an angry mob.

He who I desperately loved
Was the same person
Who I ran away from.

He knew
And dared to search everywhere
He finally got what he wanted
I was a mere pawn
An end to his means.

If only I knew…

Wicked 4

By RRSuperNova

His deep voice
Saying hi
A high pitch introduction
Into my life
It resonated as
A thousand daggers
Flung into my unarmored heart.

I became conscious
Of his obsidian
Uncontrolled and sculptured hair.
His heart-shaped lips
Yet beyond anything
I’ve ever seen.
His collarbone…

What am I thinking?!!

Even now looking at those flames
I still feel the heat
Of that masterpiece…

Now I know
That was also part of the trap…

Wicked 3

By RRSuperNova

*****  CONTINUATION *****

Mathew was his name
“Gift of God”
A very peculiar name
A bit bitter to my taste.

Or probably
I should of known
That the aftertaste
Would of been bitter
As it has always been.
If only I had known…

Maybe I would have
The courage to turn down
That dazzling smile
That invisible rope
That grasped my soul.

Just maybe…

Wicked 2

By RRSuperNova

*****  Continuation  *****

I should of picked it up that night
Even though it was a rundown house
The anomalies were beyond normal.

The blinking lights
The moving shadows
The feeling of being watched
The wind that caressed my nape
Goosebumps all over
Yet I attributed it to the storm.

I still remember
That beautiful face
That very next day
He who was
like a brilliant pearl.
Those navy blue eyes
That were as dark and profound
As the deepest part of the sea.
And that alluring smile
Welcoming me
Like the morning sun
To my new life.

At least that’s what I thought…


By RRSupernova

Contrary to the night
The flames were portraying
My sorrowful face.

“You’re craaazzyy!”
I heard Tom shouting
While on his knees
And grasping his head
As if clinging to his sanity
Before it slips away…

I was… also trailing off
Into my own thoughts.
Trembling at my loss
As flames kept consuming
My cozy
Yet rundown house.

Since when?
Where did it go wrong?

I still remember
The moment I arrived
In this small town.
A small luggage
And a big dream.
I could feel it
As soon as
Stepping out of my car
The pressure
Running up my spine
Probably of my new life
What I thought…

I should of picked it up that night…

Líneas Trazadas

Líneas trazadas
Coloridas y finas
Como la vida misma
Tejidas a la medida.

En ocasiones de ensueño
Y en otras deseos guajiros
Como los giros de la vida
Que también
Uno mismo aspira
Y de vez en cuando
También tira
Por ira
Por ego
O simplemente
Por ignorancia.

Ignorancia divina
Que se da sin medida
Y que muy pocos
Toman sus riendas
La jinetean
Y la vuelven soberbia.

Marioneta cariñosa
Movida por hilos
Con danza exquisita
Según al canto
De su ventrílocuo

Bendito el show infinito
Que encanta
Y emociona
Según sus fuegos artificiales.
En ocasiones
Coloridos y brillantes
Festejando algo importante
En ocasiones
Ocultando algo importante.

Dadoso el creador
De alabanzas
De historias satíricas
Y enriquecidas.

La pluma exquisita
Que tiembla
En cada trazada
De palabras claras
Y precisas.

Miedo infinito
Al posar mi corazón
Y mi alma al desnudo.

Mas inmaculada escritura
Llena de amor y orgullo
De entendimiento a mi alma
Y de agradecimiento a mi ser
Por no flaquear
Por no darme por vencida
Por no desviarme
En las drogas
Por no dejarme llevar.

Crear conciencia
Y dar apoyo emocional
Dar un motivo para vivir
Un motivo para amarse
Un motivo para no perderse
Y para defenderse.

La vida no acaba
La vida sigue
Y siguen sus encrucijadas
Como también siguen
Nuestras decisiones.

Nunca es tarde
Nunca es infinito
Nunca es tan negativo
Ni tan definitivo.

Como toda historia
Piedra y mar
Todo cambia
Emociones y demás.
Todo cambia
Según tu ser actual…

My lovely Home

Been in crossroads
Searching for a place to belong
Since long ago.

And finally found a home
That sometimes is cold
But that keeps me warm.
It’s like destiny
My feet moved towards it.

I fell a few times before finding it
But suddenly
It appeared in front of me
Without me realizing it.
And it was
The most wonderful feeling
When I gazed upon it.

I loved its colors
Unique and dignified
Sometimes displays
A shadow or two
With funny faces
And other animals too
Which is fun for the kids
To play, watch and follow.

It brightens our life
No matter
How dark or rainy is outside.
It gives me hope
When hope is way too thin.
It’s my pillar
My castle and armor.

My home
My place to collapse
To recharge with love
And display my comfort
My soul and my love.

It has always been lighted
Like a lighthouse at the shoreline
Just in case if there is fog
Just in case if I lose my way.
No matter where it is
That light will bring me home
And keep me safe.
This is my home
My other half
And lovely soul.

My Vow to You

By RR SuperNova

I’ll trust your words
By taking this hand
I’ll give you my all
Without forgetting myself.
I’ll build you a home from scratch
And give it some warmth.

I don’t ask
For much in return
Let me love you
Let me be part of your world.

I’ll try my best
Till death do us part
And after that
I’ll become a shining star.

And just like the sun
With my ray of light
I’ll caress you
With delight
And fill you with warmth.

This, I can vow
For this is my love
My all and my soul
They came into this world
Just to find your soul.