What catches your eye

By RRSuperNova

* It was a hard time when I made this poem. I guess we always look for miracles when life seems threatened; so we search for our closest means of faith that embodies our family dogma. Yet we forget that we are the ones doing this to nature, so there is no need of miracles, just a need of consciousness and action…

The sky is baby blue
There are twinkling lights in the night
As if they were counting
Seconds in our lives.

Flowers smell of love
Rose’s petals so soft
As delicate as is
Gives us hope
What a sight!

Kids play in the wild
As if it were part of their homes
Drip drops falling from above
The rainy season arrives
Giving us water
To wash our souls.

There’s pollution in the air
Calamities are astray
As if they were counting
Seconds in our lives.

Manufacturers smell of green
They also drain their bane
Water-like looks so soft
As delicate as is
Dear Lord! Cancer!
What a sight!

We have stayed in our homes for a while
Confined by this covid-19
Drip drops are falling through our skin
“End of times” dogma arrives
Scaring us, warning us
To wash our souls.

End of year 2020

By Rosalva Ruiz (SuperNova)

Waves of black feathers sea
Fuzzy lights on the street
Humid and desertic
Nothing like past years
A few cars parked in restaurants
Too few for these holidays…
2020 is coming to its end
Vaccines are a trend
Starting today.

Will next year be ok?
Who knows…
Will the broken be complete again?
Can’t say…
Will the broken links be whole again?
At very least I know for sure
This year was unexpected
It crawled under my skin
With terror
With uncertainty
My faith was shaken
Too many times
And I’m still standing
Still dreaming
Still hoping
I am still saying
Merry Christmas
And blessed New year
May God console your soul
And please stay strong.
Tomorrow will come
Tomorrow will be another day
Today will be left behind
To be displayed
In written memoirs
In history books
And above all in stories
To be told…

Resilience by Rosalva Ruiz (SuperNova)

I finally understood
What my mom said
Back in the day…

“To be in the light
But with sight in the dark.”

Is a nasty place to get sick.
While my heart was in a storm
The so called friends
Who I haven’t heard from
Since long ago
Started knocking at my door.
Although with smiles and concerns
They were asking for my kin
The knives on their backs
Were visible enough…

“To leave a good impression”

With a composed face
And a tender smile
I said
“thanks, everything is fine.”
Always cry in the dark
there is no other choice…

“To save all your contacts”

Hospitals were in full capacity
The ambulance was driving
without destination.
For a simple bed and a machine
We were in search.
What a simple task
But what a big deal to catch.

“To think ahead, just in case.”
According to the numbers,
It had to be outside our state
the closest
Was to the west.

A call to the ambulance
To state our decision
To the west is our quest.
With extreme precautions.
“We are running out of time”
They said…
We were in despair.

After a few calls
Finally! we have a bed
A machine as well
There was no time to spare.

We were all in different places
Through WhatsApp
We were connected.
Even with his short breath
His last words
Were grand…
For us to take care
That exposing himself
For others to stay safe
He would gladly do it again.
For us to not let any dispute
Get between us
To be closer
And live to the fullest
And lastly
That he loves us
And if God wants it
He will follow…
We broke in tears.

While saying he is fine
To the butchers
In our shut doors
We prayed for his recovery
We made promises
To La Virgencita.

It seems funny
How things come in bundles
After eight long days
Of being in dismay
Hanna came to play.
Although the damage was minimal
At my place
Flooded halls
Were at the hospital.
Afraid we were
And the hyenas
Were at full swing
Messages, phone calls
They were driving me insane
Anxiety crept in my heart.

The power was on
And that he was still alive
At least
That we knew
But nothing more…

After the 12th day
We received a message
A hoarse voice
“Que hubooo? Como andaaan?”
I squeezed my cellphone
And burst in tears of joy.

I thought it was over
I thought that was it
But the wolves were hunting
They wanted their prey.
An ambulance came out
A two hours way
A wreck was on the way…
Another car was on the back
And my kin was finally safe…

This, I also learned
To never forget
Smiling faces
aren’t always friends.

Human kind is bound to be resilient…

Hanna and Covid19

Cold breaths whisper in my ears
Friends and family have disappeared
It creeps under my skin
Loneliness and fear
Yet here I am
Dwelling on my troubling
Stupid and insipid sentimental being
Without knowledge of your presence
I was paralyzed.

Unlike your flowery name
You swept all my flower beds away
With them and the grace of God
You came to clean the unseen
Although, you are also the One
Who made all come
Together as it seems.

As we prayed through the night
The sight of your wings
And the blow of your strenght
Kept us awake
All through the night.

*something I wrote during Hanna hurricane. I’ve lost many friends during this pandemic that I dare not count anymore. Hope you all and your family are doing good. God bless


Esta densa obscuridad me asfixia
Tantas cosas por hacer
No hay tiempo que perder
Mi esencia se aleja
Se desprende y lo deja.

Paz y tranquilidad empieza
El jilguerillo cuenta anécdotas
En bellos cantos
Mientras entramos al bosque
Las tinieblas se quedan atrás
Las añoros y deseos desaparecen
Mientras el canto se fortalece.

Me da la bienvenida
Mas algo se me olvida
Mas que será? ni idea.

Nos acercamos
El sendero es reconfortante
Mas algo en mí me detiene
“Hay tanto por hacer…”
Palabras desconosidas
Mas siento que
Son en parte, mías…

El jilguerillo se detiene
Y con su canto
Me sostiene
“Hay tanto por hacer..”

Regresan mis ansiedades
Regresan mis inquietudes
Regresa mi asfixia
Y con ella mi esencia.

Pesadez se incorpora
En mi ser, mas
“Hay tanto por hacer”
Llega a ser
Mi lema a seguir.

Por fin veo el amanecer…


Buitres rodean su presa
Esperan, desean
Avaricia putrefacta derraman.
Incertidumbre se huele
En el ambiente.
Mas la presa
Como montaña
Serena ante el ludibrio,
Contempla el rechiflido
De los coloridos grillos.

Cántaros de lluvia caen
Enlodando por cuanto pase.
Los arboles bailan sin cesar
El chubazco no deja
Ni siquiera mirar.

Que canten
Que bailen
Que se empapen
Y cieguen
Hasta el cansancio.

Cuando la tempestad
Esté por terminar
La montaña
Será la única
Sin ahogar
Y en su lugar.

Soap not Soap Opera

My soul
Has tasted dirty waters
Of the unconscious leaders.
There is a need of soap
to wash it away
Not this soap opera
That’s filling our minds.

A soap with the aroma of love
With the texture to exfoliate
The impurities of hate
Leaving our minds
With empathy and resilience.

Let there be peace
Let there be joy
Let others be alive
Let’s recognize
Lets mourn those lives.
And above all
Let’s keep
ourselves safe.

Lluvias parte del huracan

Llovieron colores
y se unificaron.
La obscuridad
que se extinguió
Se intensifico.
Llovieron sentimientos
Y entre ellos
La patria 
Espada de dos filos
Al orgullo acuchilló.
La prepotencia
simplemente se burlo.
La ira
se manifestó
Al sistema culpó
Y todo a su paso
La acertividad
aunque sorprendida
Tuvo compasión
Mas solo observó.
Mientras la obscuridad cae
La luz se desplaza
Hacia los destellos.
Esperanza y desasosiego
Dan vuelco a este duelo.
El año en el que la tierra floreció
Y la humanidad se estremeció.

Spring break of March

Back when the day stopped
In March our world had a break
We stopped and breathed
And others stopped their breaths.

A march was on the way
Of no hugs in display
The love was in the air
Yet disease was also there

Unconscious walls were built
The unseen were feared
Robbed we were
Violated as well

The gods were no where
The scientists were busy
The teachers were learning
The kids were struggling.

It was left open
Our lady is broken
Her flame is gone
Nowhere to be found.

Alone in distance
In distance we face our whole
And the earth is healed along.

The extinct are now seen
There is a new color to the eye
A new horizon is in sight.

Ruleta Existencial

En estos días
Que aislados estamos
He jugado a la ruleta
Con la existencia
Ha sido un sin fin
De disparates
Hasta he apostado
Con la misma vida
Hemos quedado
Que a la quinta
es la vencida
Hasta ahorita
Ha sido todo
un gran empate.

Cuatro ganadas
Y cuatro perdidas
Susto escalofriante
Tras suspiro aliviante.

Hemos tocado
El mas grande debate.

Quien soy?
Rosa blanca
Según el latín
El muy parlanchín.

Pero quien soy?
Ahí si que…
No se que decir.

De donde provengo?
De Asia, de Francia
De apache y mestizo
Según el elixir
Liquido rojizo
Que corre en mi.
de donde provengo?
Solo El creador
puede saberlo.

Y a donde voy?
Hacia la gloria infinita
Tal vez no de santita
Pero tan siquiera
Ya de difuntita
Ahí denme la chancita.

Y por supuesto
La ultima daga
La mas afilada
Y a la vez
la mas abnegada
Estoy viva?