Friends, that’s all that it will end.
My madness and sadness
For your sweet talk and kindness
That tingling sensation
That sold me out since the very first sight.

There was no other but you
Who loved to dance,
Who loved to talk,
Who had so many stories for your age,
Who was loved by all.

And I thought I was special
Since you looked for my gaze,
Since you spent most of your time with me,
Since you did so much for me

Love makes you blind
That’s what people say
And it proved to be right

You who loved to dance,
danced with too many
You who loved to talk,
talked with many
You who had so many stories,
of course you had experience.
And you who was loved by all,
well you can pretty much tell at once.

Many years have passed
And insecurities seem to wrap around me like ivy poisonous vines.
From time to time they itch, these scars of mine.
Yet it is long gone, that love of mine.
I can finally say hello to you again
And send you away with no tears, heartache or disdain.
Just like a shadow in my inner closet
Where there is no light, except, from time to time when I remember of once upon a time…