Waking Up Chapter 2

            I woke up struggling to get out of my dad’s arms, “Wake up Sefira, wake up!”  I was crying, my heart was racing and didn’t know if it was due to shock of the terrifying incident or due to the longing towards that boy. I just knew that my heart and my mind were hurting.

We stayed at a hotel in Puebla, Mexico.  Apparently I was screaming and tossing around as I was having a nightmare; my dad was grabbing me to prevent any injuries.  As for my mom, she was at the room’s door explaining and apologizing to everybody about the ruckus.  When I became conscious, I started to put the pieces together of what I was feeling inside the nightmare and what was happening outside of it.

“Is she ok?” asked the hotel manager worried about the other guests leaving the premises and asking for their money back.

“I think she is; could I get a glass of water with sugar?” said my mom.

“Right away,” said the manager turning away from our room.

“Ok everybody!  Everything is ok now, the little girl woke up and she is fine, we apologize for the inconvenience, breakfast is on the house for tomorrow,” said the manager as he was leaving the room.

After a few minutes somebody knocked our room’s door and as I was still hyperventilating my dad gave me a hug and grabbed the glass of juice…

“Everything is fine Sefira, here drink this juice, it will make you feel better.”

While sobbing, I grabbed it and drank as much as I could, trying to remember everything.  Wanting to tell everybody about it; however, I felt like I shouldn’t.   Those thunderbolt bluish eyes came to my mind.  Even though he seemed determined, when he touched my forehead, his eyes seemed sad, as if longing.  And with that, I felt oppression inside my chest.   Although I forgot most of him, these feelings and those eyes remained engraved in me…


            It’s been 6 years; I still can’t forget that night or those thunderbolt eyes.

I’ve had other nightmares, sometimes I wake up with injuries in the same places where I was attacked.  There are times where I end up in a friends nightmare, somehow I am trapped in their dream and can’t get out.  First, I thought that it was all my imagination and somehow I had them in my thoughts ending dreaming about them; however, after one of my friends told me what she had dreamed the night before, everything seemed exactly the same as I had envisioned. Although, I didn’t dare to tell her, she found out after seeing my injuries.  Since then, she became my best friend.  Chacha was very outspoken, whenever other girls or boys told me something or tried to harm me, she always came to my rescue.

“Sefira you need to speak up! If you don’t like something tell them off!” she leaned towards me and moved her curly hair out of her face so she could look straight at my eyes.  She thought that a girl with short hair was not as cute as one with a long one.  Also, if you have long hair is better to have it loose; pony tails are for quiet girls or uptight ones.  Due to the latter her hair was always… let’s call it wild.

“I just don’t want the hustle of the aftermath.  If they want to go at it, just let them that way they’ll leave me alone afterwards.”  I scratched the back of my neck looking away.

Chacha gave me a hug, “You are too naïve girl, but I still like you.”

“As I do to you too madam Chacha” She always made me smile.

We started walking towards the school entrance and she asked me,

“Sefira, did you have another one of those nightmares?  Did you finally see him?”

I grabbed the handle and the door opened abruptly causing me a nosebleed and almost a fall, if it weren’t for the guy who grabbed me in mid-air.

 “Sefira!” Chacha screamed.

I looked upwards and there were a pair of gray almost silver like eyes, he smiled and helped me up.

“Thank you for helping me,” I said while admiring his beautiful face.

“Are you ok? I didn’t see you there, sorry” Said the buffed guy on the other side of the door. “Oh, it’s just you Sefira, I thought it was somebody else,” he looked relieved then glanced at Chacha.

“That’s not nice Frank! Bro you still hit her, apologize now!” demanded Chacha.

“Yes madam Chacha” Frank looked overjoyed instead of apologetic and told me,

“Sorry Sefira” Giving thumbs up to Chacha and left.

“Only you Sefira, when is the day where you don’t get injured.”  She looked at the guy next to me, “thank you for helping her, she is a little clumsy but has a good heart, so who are you? I haven’t met you before. Are you new? Na, don’t think you are a student here,” She looked more excited, “So who are you and what brings you here gorgeous?” 

He laughed out loud and told her, “I guess you are the talkative one and she is the quiet one,” He looked at me, took out a handkerchief and handed it to me, I guess he saw me with a question kind of face.

“For your nose, it’s bleeding,” he said.

I blushed, grabbed it and wiped my nose, though it hurt as I did.

He looked at Chacha, “I’m 18, definitely not a student from here, just came to ask if they need a teacher assistant so I can make my practice hours.  And no, I don’t date little girls, and yes you two are little girls.”

 Chacha got mad and bolted to the door.

He looked my way and said,

“Hope you feel better, hmm, Sefira right?”

He smiled at me while walking closer and told me in a hush voice, “take care of it (pointing at the handkerchief), I will be coming for it another day.”  He smirked and winked as he started walking towards the office.

“I… I”  I was perplexed! What should I say? “THANK YOU!” I said it in a loud voice, “I will take care of it.” I said it while looking at the stained handkerchief.

“Sefira! Whatsup girl, let’s go!” She said as she was standing with the door half opened.

This is the first time that I actually talk to a guy that I liked, which by the way, besides those thunderbolt eyes, I have never thought of anybody else as being to my liking.  It suddenly occurred to me that I did not ask for his name, but he wasn’t there anymore, so I left with Chacha…

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