The Meeting

Love doesn’t always come from a first sight or a fated love.  It doesn’t have a figure, doesn’t follow equations, rationality or statistics. There is no beginning nor ending.  It’s just present when it wants to and absent when it decides too.  I’ve always believed that, until… Until I met you…


We were visiting the white technology museum. I was but 6 years old, holding my daddy’s hand admiring the unbelievable yet overwhelming and futuristic architecture.  It was called a museum; however, it was more of a laboratory and its inventions were displayed everywhere. They were on trial waiting for the government’s approval to see the light of day.  The building itself was cylinder like with a spiral stairway.  One could watch the ceiling when you stood at the center of the building.

My dad was part of the second floor’s nanotechnology and mechanics staff.  As we were approaching the second floor, a door burst open and a big white mechanical spider came out of it, people started spreading, some were screaming, others were frozen on the spot.  My dad pushed me to the side under a nearby table and told me, “Sefira, no matter what, don’t come out of here.”

He looked at my eyes and touched my cheek, “Papa loves you.”

After a moment of silence he darted towards the control room.

As I saw his back figure disappear into fog, a glimpse of a, maybe 10-year-old, boy caught my attention.  His thunder bolt bluish eyes and white hair triggered my curiosity. I had never seen anybody like that before.  He seemed like a fairy, but with no wings (just the mirage of a beautiful being). Determined, looking at one of the giant spiders, as to do what? I don’t know.  At the same time, smaller spiders jumped from different angles and attacked some of the other people.  I felt helpless, even though he seemed older than me; I felt the urge to protect him.  I ran and called him out, as he turned, he screamed, “be careful, it’s behind you!”

Its legs were binding me, leaving me no chance to tussle, run or even scream.  Anxiety overwhelmed me and I felt something in front of me.  As soon as I turned, the boy touched my forehead with his finger and told me, “Wake up.”

The scenery started becoming blurry while I heard faraway, “and for…” Everything banished into nothing…

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