My 3-year-old’s story

My three-year old has some
Crazy stories
It’s so funny to hear him tell me
Mom, let me tell you a story.
Hope he keeps growing and developing great stories.
So this is his story as he told it to me…

Once upon a time, there was a little peanut butter girl who loved snacks.
And she always carried a few snacks with her.
But somehow the snacks kept disappearing
And she got mad
And she exploded
And some grape jelly came out of her head.
She didn’t know what to do
So she kept asking,
Who ate my snacks?
But nobody answered
So she kept eating
And then she asked again who ate my snacks?!
But nobody answered.
Seems she has forgotten what happened.
So she seems forgetful.
Then she went to the castle
And saw a prince
But she had forgotten
That that prince liked to eat.
So she met him and he was happy
Then he grabbed her
And ate her
And said it was yummy.
So the peanut butter girl is gone.
And the prince is overjoyed.
Thee eeenndd!!

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